The First Global Scrum Master Summit

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Week of May 17th, 2021, Live and Recorded
Organized by the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

Featured Keynotes

Al Shalloway

The New Scrum Game
Geoff Watts

Who's on the Scrum Master 2024 ticket?
Rahul Bhattacharya

A Scrum Master's first 90 days
Allison Pollard

Critical Skills for Coaching UP
Bob Galen

Critical Skills 
Coaching UP
Lisette Sutherland

Being human 
in a 
virtual world
Jutta Eckstein

Revealing a Secret: Scaling Agile is just ... Being Agile!
Chris Li

Unseen links between interpersonal behaviors
More to be announced shortly...
More to be announced shortly...
More to be announced shortly...
More to be announced shortly...


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Speaker lineup

More To Be Announced Shortly...

Scrum Masters - Learning to Be a Better Coach

This track focuses on tactics, tools, techniques, and practice to become a more effective coach for their teams and organizations.

Bob Galen, Track Curator

Author, Trainer, Speaker,
Coach and Consultant

Remote facilitation for Scrum Masters

Scrum Masters need to be able to help teams that are remote, and after 2021, even remote-first! 

Nagesh Sharma, Track Curator

Nagesh is an experienced Scrum Master and Licensed Remote Facilitator

Common Product Owner blindspots

In this track, we learn about some of the commonly seen blindspots for Product Owners and steps that you can take to avoid them.

Rahul Bhattacharya, Track Curator

Business Agility Coach, Speaker and Trainer | Podcast host at Agile Atelier

Scrum Masters enabling Business Agility

How to grow beyond the team level. Stories, Lessons and Insights for shaping your Path

Mike Leber, Track Curator

Business Agility Coach and regular event organizer

Tools for Scrum Masters

This track provides tools and thinking models for Scrum Masters who are interested in making their teams great.

Martin von Weissenberg, Track Curator

Enterprise-level agile coach and trainer. Certifed CAL trainer

Scaling Agile beyond one team

Tools, methods and coaching approaches to help organizations go beyond Agile at the team level.

Yves Hanoulle, Track Curator

Speaker, consultant, writer, and coach on 
Agile and Team Dynamics

Team Building tools and practices for Scrum Masters

In this curated track, Omar shares tools and practice the community has developed to help teams reach their potential 

Omar McNeil, Track Curator

Agile Coach, Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer

Community Spotlight: the right places to meet Scrum Masters!

Tom Henricksen, host of the Agile Online Summit, interviews community organizers to share with you where you can find and meet your peers!

Tom Henricksen, Track Curator

Tom is the organizer of the Agile Online Summit and DevOps online Summit

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